welfare-commiittee-2The Womens’ Right and Welfare sub-committee of the Maharashtra Legislative committee visited NMMC. During this meet the members discussed on the many women’s related issues and problems. Sources at NMMC revealed the meeting left the officials sweating as they tried run for cover on several significant subjects. Headed by the committee’s chairperson Shobhatai Bachav, 15 members of the committee visited NMMC. The committee members held a closed door meeting with the HODs, members and officials of NMMC. This committee that was formed a year back, discussed with NMMC about the Women and Children Welfare Committee’s schemes, the administration’s GR and budget for women welfare projects and the likes. The state women’s committee informed NMMC officials and representatives various state schemes for women, their rights and facilities for encouraging education for women. The media was kept away from the closed-door meeting but sources present at the meeting inform that the women’s committee expressed strong disapproval about the work being done by NMMC’s Women and Child Welfare Dept. they emphasized on NMMC having a separate cell for women. The committee pointed out that excluding the expenditure, the state should atleast set aside 5% of the remaining budget for the Women and Children Welfare schemes. When the committee was informed that NMMC does not allocate even 1% of the same, the committee voiced their anger, which left NMMC officials sweating and trying to cover up. This is because of the total budget of 600 crores, NMMC has set aside only 65 lakhs on the Women and Children Welfare Schemes when it should have been atleast Rs. 15 crores. This points how serious NMMC is towards Women and Children welfare programs. Sources also informed that in this closed door meeting MLC Manda Mhatre raised her voice against the issues and demanded the NMMC officials to spend its allocated 15 crores on the women welfare schemes and not just 15 lakhs. The visit by the Women’s’ Right and Welfare committee exposed the lapses in NMMC functioning.

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