holi-celebration-2Holi is a festival of joy and colors. However, one should always be on alert to prevent any accident that may mar all the fun and change the scene to a sad one. Here are some Dos and Don’ts that are necessary to really enjoy Holi to its fullest. To play a safe Holi, to begin with play with natural home made colours to avoid any allergies. Dental caps are a good idea to protect you teeth from staining. Wear full-sleeved t-shirts or shirts and leggings that cover your legs fully. Apply a thick layer of coconut or any oil on your body and hair till they glisten and you become slippery. This will help you to wash off colors easily later on. While washing off the color, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes and lips tightly closed. We also spoke with the people to know how they would be playing their Holi. Holi is meant to be a rough festival with tradition of applying colors to the guests and friends but we should make sure that fun, food and colors is all that is spread on this holy day of Holi. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Amruta Jadhav for Navi Mumbai News.

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