micro-vbb-1And yet again Micro technologies unique vehicle security product called the Micro Vehicle Black Box helped to track down a stolen car. Manish Ajmera, a resident of Marine Lines was shocked when he received a SMS on his cell at 4.30 in the morning that an unauthorized person was trying to unlock his Scorpio car. When he rushed downstairs he saw that the car was not there. Do you know that there was one thing that helped Manish Ajmera to not just track down his car but also retrieve it? It is Micro Technologies unique vehicle security product the Micro Vehicle Black Box also known as Micro VBB. Micro VBB is an innovative technology designed for vehicles by Micro Technologies that helps the user to detect any unauthorized access to his vehicle and if you send a SMS to the system, it immobilizes the car engine and locks the door. That is what exactly Manish Ajmera did. With the mere assistance of sending messages he tracked down his stolen vehicle from Bandra to Santacruz and then finally to Patlipool near Thane where it was abandoned by the thieves. We spoke his brother Ashish Ajmera who threw light on the incident. He expressed relieve and thanked Micro VBB to help him track down their car. While complaints were subsequently launched at the Marine Lines police station and later on in the Thane police station, it was finally with the help of Micro VBB that the exact location of the car could be tracked. We spoke with the DCP – Traffic Control department, Thane DCP D S Chauhan who further gave information on the case. Speaking on the difficulties that the department faces to retrieve stolen vehicles, he stated that without Micro VBB it would was been impossible to track down the car. He further added that the security products like the Micro VBB were very important in solving crime. Complimenting the product, he informed us that they would soon be organizing an awareness program to spread the word about this security product within their department. This is not the first time that Micro VBB has helped in solving car thefts. Nandkishore Khose’s car was too targeted by robbers and lucky for him that he had installed Micro VBB which helped him retrieve his car. Vehicle theft cases have risen on an alarming rate and while products such as these help in controlling crime rate it brings a sense of security to vehicle owners. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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