Mounting pressure on MCGM Chief Dr. Jairaj Phatak, corporators again demanded that the slaughter of animals for export be stopped at the Deonar abattoir. According to the BPMC Act, slaughter houses are permissible in a corporation limits only if it is for local consumption. The corporators, under pressure from the Jain community want that this to be implemented in the case of Deonar abattoir. At a meeting at MCGM, corporators pointed out that while the slaughter-house was making losses, exporters were making a neat profit. About 60% of the meat processed at the abattoir is exported, earning the civic body Rs 2-3 crore annually. However, MCGM has been running the facility at an overall loss of Rs 5-6 crore. Mayor Dr. Shubha Raul says said that the point of export was never mentioned when the abattoir was set up. Under pressure from the Jain community, corporators say that they weren’t against exports but were protesting that MCGM’s infrastructure was being used for it. Civic Chief Dr. Phatak assured the protesting corporators of arriving at a decision within a fortnight after his meeting with the Deonar abattoir staff. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Ashok Jagtap for NMTV news.


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