The past month hasn’t been the best for CIDCO. The corporation that had come closest to beginning ground level work on the International Airport in Navi Mumbai faced its biggest set back with a letter from the Environment Dept. asking CIDCO to look for another place for the airport, one that does not involve massacre of mangroves and isn’t in violation of CRZ norms. But one man in CIDCO is not willing to give up as of yet. We met CIDCO Jt. MD Deepak Kapoor on subjects like the Intl’ Airport and more. * INTL AIRPORT CIDCO did not know what hit it when the Environment Ministry shot a letter to CIDCO asking it to search for another plot for the airport, one that did not violate CRZ norms or would cause destruction of mangroves in any way. The report once again has put a question mark on the fate of the airport. QUESTIONS PLUS ANSWERS OF AIRPORT * URBAN HAAT For a city that lacks places of cultural confluence, CIDCO’s Urban Haat will be the answer. The Urban Haat will be an ever-permanent fair for crafts, food and cultural activities. The Haat is coming up at Belapur. There will be a garden around the Haat and areas for cultural programs, performing arts and exhibitions. The entire area shall be exclusively landscaped to provide a conducive environment for recreation and leisure. BYTE ABOUT URBAN HAAT * CENTRAL PARK Hyde Park in London, Central Park in New York are some of the fine examples of large recreational parks that standout in history. Kharghar’s Central Park project is an endeavour on CIDCO’s part, not to emulate these historic parks, but to create a public park synthesizing the concepts of these parks, relate the park to present times besides reflecting the ethos of Navi Mumbai. * GOLF COURSE After Central Park at Kharghar and Urban Haat at Belapur, another welcome addition will be the Golf Course project at Kharghar, plus that it is made as per CIDCO’s plan. As presently conceptualized the project shall include an 18 – hole Golf Course, Club House, 5 Star Hotel, Golf Academy to train people in Golf and high class residential developments on peripheral area. The site for this golf course has an idyllic setting with the Pandav Waterfalls as the backdrop and the overview of Central Park.

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