Summer-Camp-4A two-day free summer camp for children was held in Saiprem at Vashi recently. This unique summer camp taught the children about human and moral values.Saiprem at Vashi was the venue of a unique summer camp for children where about 100 children from all over Navi Mumbai participated. Balvikas guru Jaya Nambiar spoke to us about the aim behind this summer camp. This overnight camp, which was absolutely free of cost was different from the usual summer camps where dance, drama, sports and art is taught. Instead of these, the children were instilled with human and moral values like honesty, integrity, discipline and love. The main theme of the camp was defined in four ways. Life is a challenge-meet it. Life is love- share it. Life is a game- play it and Life is a dream- realize it. Balvikas guru and one of the main oganisers of the camp Usha Raghavan spoke to NMTV about the different activities and games used in the camp to instill these values like puppet shows and creative games.The summer camp all in all instilled in the children about independence, cooperation, moral values and everything with fun and enjoyment. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, R Parvathi for Navi Mumbai News.

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