The pedestrians subway built close to Ghansoli Railway Station is reeling under pathetic conditions. The engineering minds behind the pedestrian’s subway failed to study the aspect of water logging during monsoon when they made the pedestrians’ subway next to Ghansoli Railway Station. As a result, the water that is stagnated here since monsoon cannot be let out. It is not difficult to analyze the condition of the subway where water is stagnating since July. Hence, no pedestrians are using this way. Left with no option, pedestrians have to cross railway tracks and railway platform to go towards the industrial area. While a few have had a close shave with death, several others had to pay fine to the TC at the railway platform for being there and not having tickets. For the common man it is inconvenience all the way. The slums of the area though are making most of the water collected in the subway by using the water to attend nature’s calls. It would not be wrong to say, the subway that has been built after an expenditure of Crores of Rupees is slowly being converted into an open toilet due to the folly of a few engineering brains. While mosquitoes menace is another problem that has become severe due to the unhygienic conditions prevailing, illegal activities like gambling too are the order of the day. What is most ironical is that this isn’t the first example of CIDCO’s engineering blunders. Water logging is a common sight even at the subway made at the Koperkhairane Railway Station. During monsoon, the level of water is too high after a few showers itself. However, call it the Reliance effect, at the Koperkhairane Subway, CIDCO has set up a pumping machine to pump out water. Several point out that the subway built between Ghansoli village and NOCIL in 1992 – 93 has never witnessed water logging, even during the flooding rains of 26 / 7 last year. With time there has been advancement in technology but this hasn’t been utilized by city makers CIDCO as can be seen at this pedestrian’s subway that was built in 2002 – 03. Frustrated residents did not hide their anger in front of our camera. The question is will the officials responsible for such grave blunders ever be made accountable for their follies or will this just be another example of CIDCO getting away for its high handed and irresponsible working ways.


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