kharghar-subway-1CIDCO built subways round the city expose how little did the engineering department study before making these subways, say commuters. Most subways are filled with monsoon water that has stagnated for several months making commuting a nightmare for locals. The latest to be added to this list is the subway of the elite node Kharghar. The engineering minds behind the motorist’s subway failed to study the aspect of water logging during monsoon when they made the subway at Kharghar node for residents to reach the Kharghar Railway Station. As a result, the water that is stagnated here since monsoon cannot be let out. It is not difficult to analyze the condition of the subway where water is stagnating since July. But since this is the route to the Kharghar Railway Station, motorists are left with no option but drive through the water filled subway. One bent electric pole and electric cables too hanging from the pole, makes traveling through the subway a dangerous affair. Undoubtedly for the common man it is inconvenience all the way. What is most ironical is that this isn’t the first example of CIDCO’s engineering blunders. Subways in the city have been built after an expenditure of Crores of Rupees and most of them are reeling under the same problem due to the folly of a few engineering brains. Water logging is a common sight at the subway made at the Koperkhairane Railway Station. At the Kharghar subway pumping out water exercise is only for records. With time there has been advancement in technology but this hasn’t been utilized by city makers CIDCO. Frustrated residents did not hide their anger in front of our camera. The question is will the officials responsible for such grave blunders ever be made accountable for their follies or will this just be another example of CIDCO getting away for its high handed and irresponsible working ways.


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