sudhi-mattuIt was a proud moment for Balbharati School in Kharghar, when the principal Sudhi Mattu was nominated as the Ideal Sangini Woman of Navi Mumbai 2008. The contest was initiated by Sangini, a diamond jewellery company. Women power is omnipresent. Be it successfully raising her children, or running a corporate house or being a doctor, she can excel in all the roles. And to award her in such roles, a contest was held by Sangini, a diamond jewellery company. The hunt was held to identify and appreciate the ideal woman achiever of Navi Mumbai. After receiving over a 100 applications of this contest, a panel of judges evaluated the applications and it was a unanimous opinion to award Sudhir Mattu, the principal of Balbharati School, Kharghar as the ideal Sangini Woman of Navi Mumbai for her achievements and contributions in the field of education. The felicitation ceremony was held which saw a huge gathering of teachers and parents along with Mehul Modh, COO of Sangini, Col V K Chadda GM of Sangini, Narendra Kamat Editor of Times of Navi Mumbai, Reena Vohra Sr. Manager and Branch head for Times of Navi Mumbai and other dignitaries. Speaking to NMTV News, the dignitaries spoke on Sudhi Mattu. Sudhi Mattu stated that the award a very good recognition for her. She further shared her journey as the Principal of Balbharat School, Kharghar. Her message to all the women out there was to go for the skies and never hold back. Ironically, Sudhi Mattoo has been recognized for her work in the educational field at a time when some anti-social elements were trying to malign her image. With cameraperson Abhat Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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