suleiman-usman-mithaiwala-1Ramzan’s here. And how. For a community which observes the most rigid of fasts known to modern mankind, its nights stand for much more than binging. The Muslim Mumbaikar finds heaven by night – on the streets of Bhendi Bazaar, Mahim dargah, Mohammed Ali road. And the one place that you cannot miss out on Mohammed Ali is the Suleiman Usmaan sweets shop. Countless heads with ornamental namaz caps, cooks with stress on their faces and slaughter on their hands, kurta-clad kids running like there’s no tomorrow, a deafening clamour as background music. If you’re a self-respecting foodie, one place that you must go is the Suleiman Usmaan sweet shop. The most celebrated dish of all Ramzans is undeniably the eternal circle, the golden pancake malpua. The classic version of the Middle Eastern dessert is available round the year at Suleiman’s but it is Ramzan when they dish out the innovations. This 72 year old shop has some mouth watering delicacies for which people stand in queue for hours. The most wanted at these shops are aflatoons and Jalebis. The shop has also received many gold medals for its tasty sweets and customer service. The shop owner Asif believes that in the happiness of the customers lies their happiness. With cameraperson Jai Dutta, Ajaz Khan for NMTV News.

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