To motivate students and develop their personality, Gujarat Bhavan and Alpavi Adventure Group is holding different kinds of sports and games to boost the morale of the students. It’s the time of vacation and parents do not want their children to sit ideal at home. Many enroll their students to summer camps and physical activities. Gujarat Bhavan along with Alpavi Adventure Group has been organizing many adventorus games and sports for children from age 6 onwards so that they develop tehri personality, have self-confience and to boost their morale. Some of the sports include rappling, trekking, shooting and others. We spoke to the organizer Divya Kotak about the summer camp. Even students shared their experience with us. Parents also spoke with NMTV News and stated that such camps increase self confidence in children. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Anil More for NMTV News.

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