seawood-5Negligence and apathy by CIDCO has led to the dire condition of the Seawoods Dharave railway station. Despite four years of its foundation, the station still lacks the basic amenities for commuters. While CIDCO has built state-of-the-art railway stations in Navi Mumbai the reality is that there are many stations which lack the basic amenities for the commuters. One such railway station is the Seawoods-Dharave railway station situated near Dharave village. The station was inaugurated on 12 June 2004 and despite four years of its foundation; it still lacks a shelter for the ticket counters. Ultimately, while during monsoons the commuters have to stand in the rain for their tickets, during summer it is the heat that they have to tackle. And the problems do not end here. There are no proper indicators on the platforms and two of the ticket coupon machine had to be returned due to lack of space. While the station officials are completely aware of the inconvenience faced by the commuters, they say that there is nothing in their hands that they can do. According to the railway in-charge, it is CIDCO that is responsible to provide services to the commuters but despite reporting complaints, CIDCO officials have turned a blind eye towards their problems. Lack of space is the station is a major concern here as while the ticket counter is not adequate enough, the office of the station incharge is actually the room where signals and information is transmitted. But lack of space has forced him to carry out his daily routine in the crammed office. Being the centric station for the commuters of Nerul, Dharave village and NRI, it is necessary that the CIDCO officials pay heed to the concerns of the thousands of commuters who travel through this station daily. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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