solar-2The green energy revolution is not miles away from India. The country has emerged as the world’s number one, along with United States, in annual solar power generation. While India has emerged number one in solar power generation, in wind power production, India ranks fifth in the world. And when it comes to space, scope and facilities for renewable energy expansion, India ranks fourth in the world. McKinsey & Company, in its survey ended in May 2009, has stated that India has one of the world’s highest solar intensities. This is similar to the US and Hawaii, the two other countries which have been ranked first along with India. After India, US – mainly California state, Hawaii and Spain are the largest solar power producers by Italy, Australia, China, Japan and Germany. Besides solar and wind, India’s index for development of renewable energy resources in hydropower sector is the fourth topmost in the world after US, Germany and China. Similarly, the country’s development index in biomass is ranked third in the world after US and Germany. Countries like Italy, UK, France, Canada and Australia lag behind India in this world index. India has barely scratched the surface of a huge opportunity. However, given that in the last couple of years itself, the share of renewable energy in installed capacity has grown from 5% to 9.7%, India is definitely looking to make up for the lost time rapidly. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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