sunil-thatkareState Power Minister Sunil Tatkare has said that the State Power Generation and Distribution Company has undertaken infrastructure work worth thousands of crores of rupees in Thane, Vashi and Kalyan circle as part of its objective to free the state totally from load shedding by 2012. Speaking during his visit to Thane State Energy Minister Sunil Tatkare informed that the infrastructire works that would be soon undertaken include laying of power cables, replacement of the old ones, installation of transformers and replacement and installation of new supply lines. He said the ultimate aim of the government is to free the state totally from load shedding by 2012. The Minister further said the Corporation has filed a petition with the MERA, expressing its interest in taking over the power purchase and distribution from the private franchises in Thane, Vashi and Pune. Speaking on the Shiv sainiks vandalizing eight offices of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution across Thane, to protest power cuts and exorbitant bills, he stated that Sena will have to pay for the damages and called that Shiv Sena’s agitation a political stunt. From Thane, Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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