supreme-court-4The Supreme Court has taken a tough stand against encroacher, illegal occupant or land grabber of public property. Talking tough on the incidents of land grabbing, the Supreme Court has cautioned the judiciary to be careful in granting title to the claimants on ground of adverse possession of such land. The court also took a note of the connivance of land grabbers with the authorities to raise illegal constructions and regularization of their illegal possession. Setting aside Andhra Pradesh High Court order, a bench of the Supreme Court said that no amount of vigil can stop encroachments and unauthorized occupation of public land by unscrupulous elements, who act like vultures to grab such land, raise illegal constructions and, at times, succeeded in manipulating the state apparatus for getting their occupation or possession and construction regularized. The Supreme Court said that where ever an encroacher, illegal occupant or land grabber of public property raises a plea that he has perfected title by adverse possession, the court is duty bound to act with greater seriousness, care and circumspection. Any laxity in this regard may result in destruction of right or title of the state to immovable property and give upper hand to the encroachers, unauthorized occupants or land grabbers. Bureau report – NMTV News.


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