suresh-1The BJP has appointed BJP leader Suresh Haware as the party’s Thane District President. Suresh Haware has welcomed this responsibility. BJP leader Suresh Haware has been appointed as the new President for Thane district by the BJP party. Suresh Haware expressed this achievement as a milestone which he has got at an early stage of his political career. While talking to NMTV News, Suresh Haware spoke on his priorities, which is to strengthen his party and have an active participation of the youth. Thane, which is known as the fortress of the Shiv Sena lost his stronghold in the Lok Sabha and state assembly elections. However, undeterred by this, Suresh Haware expressed confidence in their ally and said that they would working together with the Shiv Sena party to fulfill its responsibilities. With Suresh Haware becoming the district chief of Thane, his clout is bound to increase in the district and NCP should take him as a bigger threat than what he seem to be when Suresh Haware make his political debut a couple of years ago. With bureau inputs, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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