haware-rallyAnother candidate going all out to meet the voters and appeal to them is Shiv Sena-BJP candidate from Belapur constituency Suresh Haware. In his latest campaigning Suresh Haware visited Shirawne and Karave village in Nerul. Jan Cabral along with Kala Jadhav and Vivek gaekwad were present for this campaign. Despite the narrow lanes and hilly areas at Shirawne village, Shiv Sena-BJP candidate from Belapur constituency Suresh Haware met with the locals and got to know their issues and problems. During his rally at Shirawne, Suresh Haware said that if elected he would ensure that that the PAPs get their land as they deserve. Suresh Haware also visited the locals of Karave village in Nerul where he was well supported by the villagers and party workers. He visited many temples in Karave Village to seek blessing of the Lord, one of them being the Vithal Rukhmini temple, which is one of the oldest temples in Karave village. Suresh Haware while addressing the crowd said that a lot of the youth today were unemployed and giving them employment was of top priority. He said that there should be overall development and growth in Navi Mumbai. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad and Kala Jadhav, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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