taekwondo-3Navi Mumbai may soon have a Taekwondo champion as Jalnawala’s Sports Training and Research Centre organized special sessions with Taekwondo Grandmaster Vohra from UK. The Jalnawala Sports Training and Research Centre invited Grandmaster Satwinder Singh Vohra who is an 8-time black belt winner internationally in Taekwondo and also an international referee, to update its students with new techniques in Taekwondo. The students participating in the session were taught new techniques of blocking and attacking in Taekwondo. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News,Grandmaster Vohra who has a Martial Arts Academy in the UK threw light on the benefits of Taekwondo. We also spoke with the organizer who spoke on his hopes for the future of Taekwondo in India. Seeing the rich potential of the students in India and the availability of international exposure, India can soon be expected to earn a medal internationally in Taekwondo. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, R Parvathi for Navi Mumbai News.


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