tanebelapur-3The NCP believe that the concretization work of the Thane Belapur Road is one of the many works undertaken by them that is a testimony of their focus for progress and development of Navi Mumbai and providing every possible amenity to tax paying citizens. To find the commuters response to the work, Sana Warsia took a trip of the Thane Belapur Road. Conceived by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and completed under the headship of Sandeep Naik as Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC, the Thane Belapur today has made the nightmarish commute full of potholes and craters a thing of the past. When NMMC started the work on Thane Belapur Road, commuters had little trust whether the NMMC would live upto the picture it had painted of a smooth drive to Thane for the next 25 years at a stretch. NMMC allocated Rs. 111 Crores for the work and so far Rs. 130 Crores have been spent on the project. And finally today the ride on Thane Belapur Road compels one to believe that every penny of the tax payer’s money spent on the project has been a worthy investment. Initially the concretization work became a means of constant attack on NMMC and the ruling front for the delay in the work and its quality. But as the work of concretization came to an end, the opinion of the masses, as NMTV News surveyed would be music to the ears of the ruling front at NMMC that has only heard criticism for it so far. When NMTV News spoke to every segment of commuters and tax paying citizens in Navi Mumbai and Thane, the unanimous opinion is that the drive to and fro from this stretch especially for Navi Mumbaikars and Thaneites was never this smooth, no traffic congestion and time saving. With the media keeping a close watch on the work, the NMMC ensured that the work lived up to the promises made to citizens. The six-lane road is so wide enough that many vehicles can pass at a time from either side. And the concretization work has also ensured that motorists do not have to spend extra on maintenance. And there’s more, the authorities are planning to ensure a non-stop drive on this road after averting all the chances of road crossing by the pedestrians. Necessary provisions have been made in the plan of the flyovers so as to facilitate road crossing by vehicles and pedestrians as well, without obstructing the traffic flow on the Thane-Belapur road. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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