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Take action against those who have illegally exploited gaonthan plots for commercial benefits – exhorts Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik

This week, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik started his janta darbar at Vashi with a press conference deliberating on issues of planning that need to be taken up on priority by the city administration. These issues attain significance in the back drop of the demolition drive being carried out by CIDCO and NMMC in Navi Mumbai post the high court order to remove encroachments in thane district. Guardian minister Ganesh Naik blamed corporators and officials for the haphazard development being carried out in gaonthan areas and exhorted that action be taken against those who have illegally exploited gaonthan plots for commercial benefits.

Every issue that your channel has been raising about the recent demolition drive and haphazard development of Navi Mumbai was endorsed by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik who publicly admitted that corruption among corporators, public representatives and officials is the main reason for violations in the city. On our last weekend exclusive, we gave the example of CIDCO’s demolition drive at kopri village to report that the demolition drives has attained a bias pattern. What else explains that CIDCO demolished homes of the poor while the building housing bawarchi restaurant still stands tall today despite there being allegations that this building is completely illegal? Even these two buildings are completely illegal and have been built violating fsi norms. Locals allege that these buildings were spared because they belong to a rich pap of kopri village who is partner of one ward officer.

This isn’t the story of only kopri but such illegal buildings are being built for commercial profits by a racket of rich paps and officials in the gaonthan areas all over the city. These illegal structures are not difficult to locate. These illegal buildings are those that hover over other structures in the villages and are built in congested lanes and streets. This week at the janta darbaar the issues raised by us were endorsed by Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. The minister said that he is against this racket that is working only for the vested interest of making commercial profits. He said that action should be taken against such illegal constructions on priority.

He said that both officials and corporators are responsible for the haphazard violations of fsi norms in gaonthan areas. In order to ensure that the so called pap leaders of villagers do not mislead the needy paps about the diktats given by Ganesh Naik, the guardian minister said that he is with those paps who have extended their homes as their families have grown. But those who have made it a business for earning money; need to be stopped; the minister said. For this he ordered the commissioner to put up notice board at such properties so that ignorant buyers do not buy homes here.

The minister has taken up this issue on priority after 250 families of ghansoli who have become victims to such a racket came to him but the minister could not help them. The minister said that the water and power connections to these illegal buildings should be disconnected immediately so that this practice is discouraged.

He even raised concerns of accidents due to the haphazard buildings being constructed in gaonthan areas. Making another bold statement in public, the minister said that not just officials but even corporators are corrupt. Guardian minister Ganesh Naik also gave a warning to slumlords who sell hutments stating that he will order the administration to book these slumlords under mpda. Speaking to television media later, he again spoke of encroachments in slums and gaonthan areas. He reiterated that both officials and public representatives are responsible that illegal constructions have been given water and power connections.

Its not the first time that corruption and bias action against illegal encroachment is being reported but when a cabinet minister of the stature of Ganesh Naik speaks of the corruption in corporators and officials; it is authentic, credible and real.

After the minister’s exhorting orders at the weekly janta darbaar, will action be taken against those who have illegally exploited gaonthan plots for commercial profits or will the trend continue putting lives of hundreds of innocent buyers in danger; is a million dollar question that only time will answer. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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