tanushree-dutta4Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – may be that is why Bollywood beauties love to become brand ambassadors of diamond jewelry. The list of stars has a new name – Tanushree Dutta. The sultry ex-Femina Miss India unveiled diamond studded Cindrella shoes. You might have heard of super-stylish diamond key chains, diamond paper knives’s set and even a diamond chess set – but this one is the latest. For this is a breathtakingly beautiful diamond studded shoe which has a unique feature of floating diamonds. Tanushree Dutta glowed as she unveiled the shoes in an event recently. SHOW WITH MUSIC The actress who has become the brand ambassador of a leading diamond jewelry brand says that the shoe – titled “Cinderella” is an addition to celebrate every woman’s dream. Actress Tanushee Dutta spoke on this diamond shoe with the Cindrella fairytale concept. With Diwali festivities, Taushree also wished all a Happy Diwali. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Ajaz Khan for NMTV News.

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