aloka-banerjeeIf one visits her house, one cannot find even a single wall undecorated with exceptional tapestry work done by the most talented artist in the city. Meet Aloka Banerjee- who exudes the enthusiasm of a child when it comes to painting and weaving. We spoke to Aloka and tried to know about her passion- tapestry. Inspired by art and its forms since childhood, Aloka Banerjee has inherited the liking of art from her father and grandfather who were also artists. Credit also goes to her upbringing in the pleasant environs of the JJ School campus. Surrounded by the art artists, beautiful nature, workshops Aloka became aware of various forms and techniques and pursued her career in the field of arts. She graduated in textile designing from Sir JJ School of Arts. She is fond of tapestry- a work of fine art executed in the age old tradition of Indian Handloom. One can do either abstracts or still life on it. Even though she is a graduate in textile designing; she went beyond theory and got a handloom made especially for installation at her residence. She has weaved several tapestries till date on her handloom, special ones being “Sunburst” -7 foot diameter carpet cum tapestry wall hanging at was exhibited at the Jehangir Art gallery. She is also the winner of Maharashtra state art certificate for her designs. She has been teaching at Sir JJ School of arts for the last 25 years and currently she is a faculty member in the textile department. She has two grown up sons and her husband who have always supported Aloka in her endeavors. She has also arranged a couple of workshops in Navi Mumbai and also participated in few exhibitions held in Mumbai.

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