teachers-day--1For you give knowledge selflessly, you spread the message of humanity and you bring confidence in every way, so, here’s wishing you the best, teachers, on your special day. Indeed this was the theme for the entire day today as it students and colleges celebrated teacher’s day throughout the city. Teachers form a part of that core that make a future of the city and the nation. When God created teachers, He gave the world special guides to show it ways in which to grow, so each individual can decide How to live and how to do? What’s right instead of wrong, to lead the students so that they can lead and learn how to be strong? The power that a teacher has over the young is enormous. Sometimes it just takes one teacher to turn a life around, to open one’s eyes and make a difference. After parents, it is the teachers that guide each. It’s no wonder then that 5th September each year is a day dedicated honor one of the noblest professions of our times. September 5 marks the birth anniversary of a great teacher, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, India’s first president. Celebrations were seen in every part of the city given the fact that the number of educational institutes that the city houses is enough to give most areas of every node the cheery feeling. Students left no stone unturned to let their teachers know the importance in their lives as students made sure that the respect and love they hold for their teachers is showed to then on the occasion that is devoted to the teachers of the city. What do the teachers want to say to the students on this day? Let’s hear to from the teachers of various colleges of the city. Indeed it has to be said that teachers the empires of the future – the empires of the mind.


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