carbon-2You needn’t wait for the next Copenhagen to help the environment. We’ll tell you how to reduce your carbon footprint. Environmental concerns are grabbing headlines across the globe. Till the government gets its act together, reducing carbon footprints at an individual level is the mantra for sustainability. And you needn’t go out of your way to make way for environment-friendly preferences. A few fixes here and there would suffice. Here’s what you can do… * RECYCLE YOUR EWASTE It can be your old printer, or the CRT monitor that you don’t use. Any kind of e-waste can be sold to Ecoreco, a recycling firm. For more details: * ASK THE BUREAU The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, under the Ministry of Power recommends cleaning dirty tube lights and bulbs as it reflects less light and can absorb 50 per cent of the light emitted. * COOL IT OFF This is for those who cannot sit without an AC in the room. You will use three to five per cent less energy for each degree temperature set above 22

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