celebrationsWith the recent Mumbai Terror Attacks, the New Year celebrations this time were a low key affair. A tribute to the martyrs was paid in Mumbai that also saw the participation of martyr Hemant Karkare’s wife. One of the New Year celebrations saw people paying tribute to the martyrs of the Mumbai terror attacks. A tribute was held for the martyrs ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, Encounter Specialist Vijay Salaskar and ACP Ashok Kamte, police officials and all those innocent lives lost at the firing at CST Railway station. Present during this condolence meet was Hemant Karkare’s wife Kavita Karkare. Also present was actor Aliyaan Khan, and former Army officer M S Bitta Singh. Speaking to the media, former Army officer M S Bitta Singh expressed that despite the terror attacks, the centre and state had failed to take up proper security measures for the city. The New Year celebrations this time were a low key affair in lieu of the Mumbai terror attack. Bhagavad Dham at Parsik Hills celebrated the New Year the spiritual way with prayers and bhajans. A huge crowd of devotees flocked the venue. On the other hand, music and dance was the order at Marine Center’s bash. However, in wake of the Mumbai terror attacks, patriotic songs were played during the night to revive the feeling of unity and peace.

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