ganesh-naik-2Unlike previously, looks like now Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik is in no mood to tolerate other political parties taking credit for the decisions being taken by the ruling NCP party in NMMC. In fact, the Minister also seemed to be utterly bugged with Commissioner Vijay Nahata for not giving Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik due credit for the policy decisions in NMMC including slash in water rates and property tax in Kuksheth village. Never in the past has Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik spoken so aggressively against other political parties specifically the Congress for not working but taking credit for the work being done by NCP in NMMC. Addressing a public gathering at Nerul, Ganesh Naik first taunted the Congress on the issue of property tax in Kuksheth village. The issue of property tax can be called as grave injustice. The issue dates back to 1966 when the villagers of Kuksheth village were displaced and relocated at Sarsole at Nerul. Since then NMMC should have been charging the villagers property tax at par with other villages in Navi Mumbai but the corporation instead levied property tax at par with that being collected in the city area. A villager informed us that when their corporator Congress’s Indumati Bhagat did not take up the issue and then NCP Leader of the House in NMMC J D Sutar took up the issue in NMMC in the year 2006. He said that when the proposal was approved, NCP never took the credit for it. The biggest blunder, he points out is that their own present corporator Namdeo Bhagat did not even know that the proposal was approved in last year. And that’s why he raised the issue in last week’s General Body Meeting. It was a rather embarrassing moment for Namdeo Bhagat, when he raised the issue and J D Sutar had to inform Bhagat that the proposal for the same was already approved by NMMC General Body. He said that the corporator was raising issues of Kuksheth that were already instead of addressing the other problems of the villagers. He even challenged their corporator alleging that he never raised the issues of Kuksheth village. Now Suresh Patil has put up banners in Kuksheth village to inform villagers that the NMMC has already taken a decision on the property tax issue of the village. When we spoke with corporator Namdeo Bhagat over this issue, he blamed the ruling NCP. It was on this issue that the Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik came down heavily on the Commissioner and Namdeo Bhagat both. Addressing a gathering at Nerul on the issue of Kuksheth village property tax, NCP Supremo Ganesh Naik said that it was his party workers in Kuksheth who had taken up the issue. But now when two months are remaining for NMMC elections, then their corporator that is Namdeo Bhagat raised the issue in general body and even the Commissioner said he’s get a proposal that was already approved. Completely irritated with the Commissioner, Ganesh Naik questioned what proposal was he going to get? He questioned whether the Commissioner not know his own decision and told DMC Sinnarkar who was present for the event that this was very wrong on part of the Commissioner. He also hit out at the Commissioner for giving a public statement that the NMMC had reduced water rates to Rs. 50 due to the demand of the residents. He said that it was not the residents but Ganesh Naik himself who had made this demand. He did not even spare the Congress corporators who during the Narayan Rane event had said that the Urban Development Dept. belonged to their Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and hence, the Congress would get 2.5 FSI for JN Type. Take a look at the speeches made by Narayan Rane and Congress Corporator Avinash Lad in that event. Retaliating to these statements, Ganesh Naik said that he had made the FSI demand for CIDCO built dilapidated apartments in Navi Mumbai way back in 1990. He added that the government was a Congress – NCP government so the Urban Development Department was as much the NCPs as it was of the Congress. Speaking about the orders he has given to the Commissioner and Mayor for the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission for NMMT, Ganesh Naik said that he had ordered his corporators to release statements to the press about the work they were doing as the ruling party in NMMC before other parties put up banners and posters to take credit for it. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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