ganesh-naik-4Dubai seems to have impressed Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. The Minister says that he had recently visited Dubai and was awe struck seeing its development despite recession. The leader was speaking to the media after sharing his vision and progress graph plans with industrialists during the IMC meeting held at Vashi. Titled “Navi Mumbai – Next Five Years” – the meeting called by Thane Belapur Industries Association and Indian Merchants Chambers saw the presence of State Excise Minister and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik as the Chief Guest along with Mayor Sagar Naik. The industries invited the Minister in order to hear what was his vision and plans for developing Navi Mumbai in the next five years. Addressing the gathering of industrialists, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said that his relation with the industrialists of the Thane Belapur Industrial Belt is 40 years old now. Recalling how the first few industries came in the belt after NOCIL, he said that the real development of Navi Mumbai began with the arrival of industries in 1963 and later CIDCO stepped in the year 1970 to make Navi Mumbai. Everyone says that Minister Ganesh Naik runs NCP like a corporate company run on principles and management skills. Perhaps, for the first time the Minister revealing where he learnt it all Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said as a Union Leader that he came across the working style of the top most industrialists of Thane Belapur Belt. It was during this, that he saw how the top bosses met all employees in all departments in their respective industry and called for meetings, set agendas and believed in follow up of every meeting. That is from where he began the same practice from his family to the level of his party in Navi Mumbai. Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik said that it was the power of communal harmony that made NCP win four municipal consecutive elections in Navi Mumbai, which was a record for any political party. He announced that for the next twenty years there will be no hike in taxes. He revealed that he had met the Chief Minister recently to expedite the FSI and SRA scheme for Navi Mumbai – promise that the Minister had made during the elections. He did not leave the chance of his detractors again and said that unless they had a clean heart and pure thoughts, they would never succeed. Concluding his speech he said that he saw industrialists as those who are building a progressive foundation of the nation and not as profit monger. Speaking to the media after the event, Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik shared that he had recently visited Dubai and he thought that it was marvelous that despite recession, the progress was so good in Dubai. On the other hand, speaking about the purpose of calling the meet, the President of TBIA Dinesh Parekh said that they want citizens to know the future of the city and encourage more to make Navi Mumbai their home. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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