tmc-logo1The Thane Municipal Corporation’s attempts to get 43 of its corporators to surrender the official logo sign to the civic authorities have failed miserably. The TMC is considering filing criminal cases against the errant corporators after May 20 after the Model Code of Conduct guidelines are lifted. It may be recalled that in October 2008 the TMC General Body meet had discontinued the usage of monogram stickers by TMC officials and corporators on their cars. Shockingly TMC had not registered for its monogram logo which was being misused by corporators till October last year. These monogram stickers are still being used by TMC officials and corporators which give them the benefit of not paying toll or parking in a particular restricted area which may not be available for the public. Interestingly, TMC has been using this benefit for the last 25 years without having even been registered for it. Many complaints were also registered stating that this benefit was being used by persons who were not TMC officials or corporators. When the issue had finally reached in the TMC General Body meeting, the members approved the ban on the usage of monograms by TMC officials and corporators. But its been over 6 months and request letters to all the 43 corporators and members of various committees to surrender the official logos but none of the 43 corporators have surrendered the logos to TMC. Now the TMC administration is considering criminal action against those found using the logo signs even after receipt of the letters. However, this step that still needs to be cleared by TMC Commissioner Nandkumar Jantre would be initiated after the end of the poll guideline period. The TMC has got the official sign registered in December last year after paying royalty to the architect of the design. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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