Kapurbawdi police have arrested a gang of logo robbers and recovered logos worth Rs 48500. All the three culprits are below 18 years. In order to earn quick money, three people who are below 18 years of age, used to rob logos of expensive vehicles have been nabbed by Kapurbawdi police. All of them aged 17, are college goers. For the sake of enjoyment and easy earning, they used to rob logos of cars, which also included logos of Volkswagon with a worth of Rs 1 lakh. The police have seized 33 logos of Skoda, Honda city, Toyota and Maruti Suzuki. Vaastu Sanskriti, a Diwali edition interpreting the relation between Vaastu Shastra and Indian culture was published recently. The magazine is published by Vaastuviraj, which is a famous education and research foundation in the field of Vaastu shastra. The concept of this special edition is Pancham Visheshank, which means it will comprise interviews, information, recipes of 5 people. Dr Shivraj Ahirrao gave us more insight of the special edition.

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