thana-votingDespite repeated appeals, the voter turnout for the state assembly elections in Thane district remained restricted to an average of 47%. Notwithstanding 281 candidates in the fray and more than 67 lakh voters in Thane district, the voting remained on a low-note as the voter percentage failed to even cross the 50% mark. Thane election officials have informed that there is a marked increase in the voter percentage in Thane district as compared to the Lok Sabha elections. In the Lok Sabha elections held earlier this year, the overall voter turnout in four parliamentary constituencies in Thane district was 43.33%. In The voters seemed active in the last couple of hours, thus reaching the 46% mark. According to the district information officer in Thane OWALA-MAJIWADA registered an average turnout of 46%, THANE CITY recorded an average turnout of 52%, KALWA-MUMBRA registered an average turnout of 50% while KOPRI-PANCHPAKHADI witnessed an average turnout of 48%. In Owala-Majiwada and Thane City, there is a direct political tussle between MNS and Shiv Sena candidates. Whereas in Mumbra-Kalwa constituency, the tussle is between NCP and Shiv Sena candidates. In Kopri-Panchpakhadi, the clash is between Congress and Shiv Sena, whereas MNS will be a deciding factor. Bureau report – NMTV News.


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