post-office-2The post office at Kopri in Thane is lying into ruins. More than a decade old, the post office hardly has seen any repair or renovation work, a long pending demand of the locals. This is the age old post office at Kopri. A long queue of senior citizens standing in the scorching heat is what one sees here. Some waiting for their pension, while some to post letters. Piles of garbage line the post office but the inside is much worse. The employees are forced to work in the most deplorable of condition. One can see rusted fan blades, collapsed ceiling and the rusted iron rods coming out, open electric wires, unattended records at the office. For the last 48 years, the office is functioning on a rented plot. The municipal corporation too has declared the building unsafe. However, the employees are still working in such dangerous condition. Presently, 31 employees are working in this building. Every day around 8000 letters, documents, money orders are received and through savings, a business of Rs 5 lakhs takes place in the office. Revenue of lakhs of rupees is generated by the post office, but the central government has failed to look after its maintenance. From Thane Manoj Singh for NMTV News.

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