fort-6In the long summer days of summer the structure at the Horniman Circle provides water to the thousands of passer bys. Archana Tripathi traveled to this heritage site of the city that takes you back into time the moment you put your first step. You can feel the heritage of this place at Fort from the gate itself where a paling sign board read the legacy of this place as it reads, “Built for the use of the public by Bai Mancooyerbai Ardou in 1841”. Adjacent to the platform stands a structure that proclaims it was built in 1873. During that day and age the marble structure was built to provide water for cattle and horses that were brought into the area by their owners. The Horniman Circle garden was then only an open space known as the Bombay Green where the city’s optium and cotton trade was conducted. Later when anti-social elements took disadvantage of the open public space, it was converted into a garden. With the coming of motorcar, people stopped using horse-carts and the trough became useless. However the water here is still being used to feed citizens for the last 75 years. Parsis say that the come from all over to fetch the clean well water from here. Such ancient historical sites of the city are pieces of its heritage. And only when you travel to these places in person you will know that it’s an experience unparalleled. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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