The Navi Mumbai NCP Citadel Rocks In The City As MLC Manda Mhatre Lashes At Her Own Party’s Autocratic Rule At NMMC

The first signs of differences of opinions within the NCP party have surfaced as MLC Manda Mhatre has hit at the style in, which the NCP party is functioning at NMMC. Speaking in a public meeting recently, she said that the public should not pay NMMC taxes when the ruling party was rejecting the public welfare proposals. She went on to the extent of saying that she would herself raise the issue in the assembly sessions and inform the party President Sharad Pawar of the autocratic behavior of the NCP corporators in NMMC. The open criticism of NCP MLC Manda Mhatre against her own party ruling at NMMC is an indication of the rocking citadel of the NCP in the city. And a look at the Standing Committee hall recently was what can be called an aftermath reaction of the leader’s statement. Frustrated with the rejection of all their proposals for the last 6 months by the ruling party, opposition corporators turned violent at the Ward Committee Meeting yesterday. The meeting was presided over by NCP Corporator Kalawati Mahale. The broken chairs, mike systems and the wrecked condition of the SC Hall spoke in itself about the happenings during the ward committee meet. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, Congress Corporator Sangeeta Sutar, who is a member of the Ward A Committee said that this was bound to happen as the NCP was rejecting all their proposals.

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