Ganesh-naik-personality-1People chose him to represent them in Delhi, people chose him to represent them in state and then people chose him again to represent them in NMMC. He rode on the tide of success, popularity, respect, adoration, fan following and public admiration scaling such heights that he was spoken about as an ideal example that other leaders should learn from. 2010 was hands the year of the one personality of Navi Mumbai who compelled people to call Navi Mumbai – Naik Mumbai. Never before have we received such unprecedented calls and email to vote for NMTV Personality of the Year as we have this time round. Presenting to you your choice of NMTV Personality of the Year 2010 – State Excise, Non Conventional Energy and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. “The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise.” Some people are born leaders while some are born to be leaders – no matter how you phrase it – both stand true in case of the leader you have chosen as NMTV Personality of the Year 2010 – State Excise, Non Conventional Energy and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik – a personality that one can write so much about, yet a personality who needs no introduction at all. * “SHIV SENA FORTRESS” THANE FINALLY CAPTURED As a leader Ganesh Naik started scripting history from the parliamentary elections of 2009 when his elder son Sanjeev Naik was pitted against Vijay Chougule in Thane – the fortress of the saffron alliance. Everyone knew that it was a Ganesh Naik battle through and through and perhaps that why when Dr. Sanjeev Naik created history and shook the saffron fort of Thane by raising the NCP flag their; it was Ganesh Naik who became a force to reckon with. * NAIKS BECOME NAYAKS IN ASSEMBLY POLLS A couple of months later; came the assembly polls. Ganesh Naik was pitted against Suresh Haware in Belapur while his younger son Sandeep Naik was pitted against Vijay Chougule in Airoli. Once again, speculations of Ganesh Naik winning one and losing one were high. But even at that time, Ganesh Naik portrayed a picture of confidence that came from the love and support of the people. He remained calm and unperturbed about speculations and analysis and said that as long as he is the candidate of the people, he will continue to represent them in the state. * NCP SWEEPS NMMC POLLS 2010 2010 started off with the NMMC Elections 2010. The restless opposition that tried all tricks of the book and outside them came up with a new formula this time – the mahaaghadi formula. Which meant that all political parties would work for that candidate of any opposition party that had the highest probability of winning against the Ganesh Naik chosen NCP candidate. According to reports – the Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress and smaller parties joined hands to form this silent maha agadhi No one knew how much of the formula came into effect but as far as Ganesh Naik was concerned, the maha agadhi meant little or rather nothing to him. In an exclusive interview with NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah at the NMTV Studio – he said as much stating that till NCP has the strength of people’s love, no maha agadhi can beat them. NCP swept the NMMC polls with a clear majority. Ganesh Naik’s nephew Sagar Naik was given the honor of becoming the first citizen of the city as he adorned the role of the Mayor in NMMC. * A “RARE” LEADER WHO BOLDLY SPEAKS HIS MIND They often blame Ganesh Naik for putting his foot in his mouth but looking at the present political scenario, there seems to be a dearth of leaders like Ganesh Naik who are not afraid to speak their mind in public. Perhaps that’s why most of Ganesh Naik’s statements have all the ingredients to make headlines in Navi Mumbai. For instance the remark that he made on dahi handi that had supporters smiling and opposition fuming. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik had the gathering at Airoli cheering as he said that “the NCP has broken many dahi handis in the last elections, a few are left, which they will break in the next”. Another bold statement by Ganesh Naik came when the encroachment drives post the Bombay High Court order was used as the opposition to slung mud at the ruling front. Ganesh Naik called for a public meeting and openly declared if need to he will even go to jail but ensure that injustice was not done and innocent people were not made homeless in the drive. * THE RISE OF A PHOENIX The way he marched into the Lok Sabha elections in 2009 and the way he concluded the NMMC polls in 2010, are proof of his popularity, respect, adoration, fan following and public admiration. If one looks at the journey Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik has from his post 1999 assembly defeat until this year, it compels one to draw a line of comparison between him and the phoenix. Like the phoenix, Ganesh Naik has risen to a leader of such stature that he is has become a legendary role-model success story in the political circles of the state. That was evident for all to see at the Sharad Pawar meeting in Mumbai that felicitated Ganesh Naik and his team for their record victory in NMMC polls. In this meeting held in Mumbai, senior party leaders of NCP including party Supremo Sharad Pawar showered praises on Ganesh Naik and appealed to party workers to learn from Ganesh Naik style of public work and make progress their mantra for the municipal polls scheduled for 2012 in the state. * YOUR VERDICT Going by your email and calls –  for being a leader of character  for being a leader trusted by his people  for being a leader leading by example  for being a leader who is a team-worker  for being a leader who works together with his people  for being a leader with capabilities, charisma and confidence  for being a leader who inspires and motivates  for being a leader who is a mentor and good listener  for being a leader who speaks, thinks and practices progress of the city and welfare of the citizens  for being a leader with exemplary achievements and dynamic vision  for being a leader who makes every Navi Mumbaikar feel proud of being a citizen of Navi Mumbai  for being a leader a leader who has the spirit and power to inspire us and guide us always – for all these very reasons given by you to choose him, State Excise, Non Conventional Energy and Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik is NMTV Personality of the Year 2010 !

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