sharad-2NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar’s meeting wasn’t just about cricket. Now sources are saying that it was also to encourage Sena to revive its opposition against Shah Rukh Khan starrer My Name if Khan. We get you the details with this report. NCP boss Sharad Pawar seems to have got back at the Congress over the price-rise missiles aimed at him during last week’s meeting of the Congress Working Committee by egging on Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray to revive his opposition to Shah Rukh Khan starrer My Name Is Khan. Though Sharad Pawar claimed he was only wearing his cricket cap when he met Thackeray, sources say that the NCP boss actually threw a lifeline to Bal Thackeray just as the Sena Chief was isolated for attacking SRK. It also came just as Sena also had its thunder stolen by Rahul Gandhi’s ride in Mumbai’s suburban trains. Panicked exhibitors in Mumbai, told of plans to disrupt the film, approached SRK who swiftly got in touch with Congress leaders seeking protection for the film’s release. It is learnt that home minister R R Patil wanted to get tough with the Sainiks, but with his own party boss Pawar, molly-coddling Thackeray; his hands appear to be tied. This would not be the first time Sharad Pawar has cozied up to his “rival Sena” to create a problem for his “partner Congress”. He flirted with the Sena ahead of last year’s national elections as he had even in 2004. This time the demoralized tiger was caught in a double-bind with both the Congress and BJP hitting out at him, but Sharad Pawar came to his rescue. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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