Sound-of-deocracy-4An event named “The Sound of Democracy” was held at St. Xaviers College, Mumbai in collaboration with AGNI to engage the youth to meet their candidates and vote based on an informed decision. The event Sound of Democracy was organized with the aim to pull in the young voters out of their homes and appeal to them to vote as if we want change; we must and should have active participation in the system and at the time of election. Thus the event was organised which saw a huge participation of young college and school students. Short film and ad was shown to the audience on the need to vote. To attract the crowd, performances by various colleges’ band were held. Another performance that rocked the audience was that of Taufiq Qureshi along with his ensemble “Mumbai Stamp”. Using trash material like containers, water cans and trash cans, the band spellbound the audience with their music, the theme being the sound of democracy. Speaking to NMTV News, Taufiq Qureshi stated that their message to the people was to always say united. Later on an open debate moderated by Kumar Ketkar of Mumbai Lok Sabha aspirants was held. An interactive session between the audience and the leaders followed where the latter was asked to give their views on various aspects that affect the city and how they would commit themselves over the next 5 years. The questions were related to security issues, pollution, open spaces, judiciary, RTI, law and order, migrants, corruption and infrastructure. Present were MNS Spokesperson Nitin Sardesai, NCP leader Jitendra Ahwad and BJP State Spokesperson Shaina N C. Speaking to NMTV News, the leaders spoke on the development work being done by their party and appealed the voters to vote. This year there is a lot of buzz about youth participation in elections. The youngsters we spoke to said that everyone should cast their vote and must vote for change. When asked about their choice for Prime Minister, not surprisingly, the unanimous choice was Dr. Manmohan Singh. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Ajaz Khan for NMTV News.

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