dr-k-b-kushal1There is knowledge beyond classrooms and degrees. A good teacher prepares learners to explore and search for that knowledge, says Dr. K B Kushal – the Regional Director of DAV Group of Schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat. An eminent educationist, Dr. K B Kushal is silently pioneering a national movement to convert the national goal of “Education for All” to “Quality Education for All”. On NMTV Weekend Special today find out how a single man’s initiative and work has won him national and global appreciation from world renowned scholars and policy makers. When most graduates with degrees from colleges and institutes fail to have skills to compete in a global industry, knowledge and information beyond imagination is available at the click of a mouse, the social and economic fabric of society is changing by the day impacting vulnerable young minds and the culture and heritage of the nation are loosing ground at many levels with the next generation – perhaps it is time for policy makers to go back to schools – to study, analyze, assess and evaluate what needs to be done and how fast to meet the ever changing dynamics of the society and community at large. After all isn’t education all about making today’s children and youth, responsible citizens of tomorrow who will be assets of the nation. It is this changing socio-economic conditions favoring globalization that is now compelling institutions to adopt new paradigms of education. Considering the fact that education models adopted during the last century are already outdated, it is time institutions evolve new paradigms that would aim at holistic development of the child – physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and culturally. And it is here that a silent movement towards meeting these challenges has been started by one educationist who is bringing Navi Mumbai on the global map of education. No points for guessing that we are talking about Dr. K B Kushal – the Regional Director of DAV Schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Dr. K B Kushal is the Regional Director for DAV Schools – but today is respected as being an ambassador for quality education and quality leadership in the national education sector. After the popular and successful programs, Heritage organized by Dayanand Institute of Education, Management and Research and Khoj organized by DAV Center for Creative Education, Dr. K B Kushal took the movement of creating national awareness on quality education to another level by joining hands with the Quality Council of India. Under the banner of the QCI and DIEMR, there have been nearly 20 seminars and conferences held over a year. The seminars and conferences are a part of the nation wide campaign started by the DIEMR and QCI to look at quality education more intimately, passionately and analytically. The basic aim of these seminars is to deliberate on issues and challenges in education. Some of the themes of these seminars in the past have been, Sharing Best Practices in Education, Emerging Paradigms in School Education and Quality Tools in Education. These highlight of these seminars is that it bring the policy makers and implementers on one platform. Some of the eminent and renowned names of the education sector who have been frequently addressed these seminars along with Dr. K B Kushal are B P Khandelwal – former Director of NIEPA, Giridhar Gyani – Secretary General of the Quality Council of India, K K Nohria – Chairman NBQP and Vijay Thadani, Chairman – NABET. Today, every initiative of Dr. K B Kushal is being appreciated in national and global circles of education. His approach of promoting the concept of “Quality Education for All” has brought Navi Mumbai in the spotlight. NMTV News caught up with Dr. K B Kushal on the work that DIEMR and QCI are doing all over India under his leadership. In an exclusive interview, Dr. Kushal says that their only aim is to empower not just institutes but learners too. Explicating further, Dr. K B Kushal explains how these seminars help exchange the best of ideas and practices between scholars. There is no denying that never before in its history has education faced such formidable challenges as it is facing today in terms of aspirations of learners, feelings of inadequacies by the education providers and their seeming inability to manage and cope with the ever expanding knowledge base. It is here that educationists like Dr. K B Kushal are playing the role of mentors and pioneers at the national level. And perhaps that is why Dr. K B Kushal has earned the distinction of being a role-model Guru who strikes a perfect balance of global outlook and Indian approach. Ask the Guru to re-define a Good Teacher and comes the fitting reply : There is knowledge beyond degrees and classrooms. A good teacher is the one who prepares and encourages learners to search and explore for that knowledge. With the knowledge explosion, any normal course for knowledge sharing would have taken a lifetime for an institution or individual. It is here that Dr. Kushal’s initiatives are being appreciated nationally and globally for crossing milestones to reach the goal of creating a quality nation by empowering institutions to become quality learning centers of excellence. With camerapersons Vinayak Dalvi and Satish Garud, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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