bmcDespite High Court orders and so many claims of MCGM, the life of residents living around Deonar dumping ground remains worse than living in hell with diseases being the order of living. NMTV News Correspondent spoke to grieved residents and the local corporator who has failed to expedite immediate relief over the woes of residents. The MCGM Corporation last week was boasting to the media that the city’s waste management problem could reach a tipping point as the MCGM Standing Committee meet is taking a final call to decide the fate of an important project to set up a waste processing plant and develop a sanitary landfill at the Kanjurmarg dump site. The project, spread over 25 years, will cost the MCGM more than Rs 4,400 Crore. The 16 members of the panel and officials from MCGM administration are at loggerheads after the committee last month booted out a Rs 5,500-crore bid for the project to close down Deonar dump, delaying the much-needed project by another year. Civic officials had then warned that if the panel holds the Kanjurmarg project, it could throw the city’s waste management plans out of gear. In the fight between MCGM administration and corporators, the residents living in the areas surrounding Deonar dumping ground are facing nightmarish times. Unlimited garbage dumping in the area has led to the most unhygienic conditions prevailing here. The worst perhaps is being faced by the 40000 settlements of the area that are over 25 years old. A resident informed NMTV News that for months together garbage is not collected and monsoons makes things worst. Sharing with us the agony of mothers of the settlements, one mother informed that little children ignorant of the adverse effects of the filth pick up waste from the garbage and eat it. She says they do not know whether o feed their children food or medicines. Breathing problems and asthma has become the order of living for the 40000 homes in the area. This becomes worse as everyday garbage burns and MCGM efforts to extinguish the fire fails miserably each day due to pure negligence. Residents say that its not authorities are unaware, the residents have made complaints to local corporators and officials but all grievances have fallen on deaf ears. We also met the local corporator of the area F. R. Choudhary who despite being a Standing Committee member has failed to bring relief to the grievances of the residents. And its not that the corporator is not aware of the conditions that prevail here. Ask him why has he not been able to bring a solution to the most burning problem of his ward and he defends himself stating that he has raised his voice in the Standing Committee meet but blamed the administration of apathy as the issue pertains to the poor and weak. With the plans of the MCGM for development of Gorai, Deonar, Mulund and Kanjurmarg dumping grounds still on paper and the Standing Committee members and MCGM administration at loggerheads on the projects floated so far, the poor of the Deonar area continue to suffer. Unfortunately, their grievances is being ignored by the MCGM administration and corporators who sit as mute spectators to the woes of the poor and weak at Deonar. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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