With their hands being full since January for municipal polls, the NMMC administration lost time and focus to begin pre-monsoon work in the city. As a result, this year so far pre-monsoon work have not been started yet, which could make rains a menace for locals. In the past couple of weeks, NMMC has begun innumerable road digging work in every node of the city. And while road are being dug incessantly, unfortunately, there has been no sign of pre monsoon work beginning in the city. Even the basic nullah cleaning work by NMMC is yet to take off. Since, nullah play a crucial role in ensuring that the city is not flooded during heavy rains, citizens are now worrying whether the delay in pre monsoon work could spell doom for the city in terms of flooding and water accumulation during heavy rains and days of high tide. Drawing a line of reference to 26 / 7 that; citizens of Navi Mumbai will never forget, city journalist Rajit Yadav says that since the big nullahs not being cleaned yet, flooding cannot be ruled out this year. He said that if the nullah at Sector 17 vashi is not cleaned then there are chances of APMC market and nearby areas flooding and if cleaning work is not started soon then, it would become a tiring task for NMMC to control the flooding. And even though NMMC might scurry now and begin cleaning work of nullah in the city, they cannot do anything about the big city nullahs as they would require atleast 2 to 3 months for cleaning. The NMMC administration has been boasting about the perfect election work done by them but ensuring that the neglected pre monsoon work does not spell doom for the city will be a challenge for Commissioner Vijay Nahata and his team of officers. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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