cristamas-treeThis is the Saldanhas residence where the family has been decorating a three storeyed high Christmas tree in memory of their daughter. The Saldanhas had bought the tree from their neighbour for Rs 200 two decades ago. This is a three-storey-high Christmas tree that’s aglow with 4,000 tiny lights all the way to the top. It’s a tree that reminds the Saldanha family of a vivacious, spunky 46-year-old woman who died of cancer three years ago. They bought the tree over 20 years ago for Rs 200, when it was only four foot high, from a neighbour who found that it was growing too tall for his verandah. Grace Saldanha’s daughter Twila loved the tree and made them promise they’d decorate it every Christmas, even after she was gone. And so the Saldanhas to honor their daughter’s memory spend nearly Rs 10,000 on decorating the tree every year. They even hire workmen who climb up makeshift bamboo scaffolding in order to decorate the tree. The Saldanha tree has now reached the terrace of the three storey building at MIG Adarsh Nagar, Worli, where they live and is the star attraction among the children in the locality. More than 40 ft tall, the tree is a sight to behold. Ajaz Khan – NMTV News.

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