midc-watse-3M/s Specialty Industrial Polymers Pvt. Ltd. located at MIDC industrial area has been found guilty for violating the rules and regulations laid down by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Today several chemical companies are functioning at MIDC Industrial area. However, M/s Specialty Industrial Polymers Pvt. Ltd is chemical company that has been found guilty for violating the rules and regulations lain down by MPCB. The company has been letting out the factory effluent in the open gutters and the adjoining Kasari River. The untreated hazardous chemical waste form the company converts into plastic foam after entering into the drainage system which is choking the entire MIDC’s drainage collection system frequently. No points for guessing that this is also affecting the produce of farmers and posing threat to fishes in the river. The villagers have also accused the officials of the company of giving vague answers whenever they approached them regarding this matter. When NMTV News tried to meet the company management on the violations, they did not let our team even enter their premises that somehow exposes that they are scared to take a public stand as they have violated norms. At the MIDC Taloja – Deputy Engineer’s of MIDC S S Jagtap agreed that the company has been violating the rules and notices have been sent to them. He further stated how the effluent let in the drains is affecting the environment. Whatever it may be, through this incident it can be concluded that MIDC and MPCB officials are aware of these practices, but they have been turning a blind eye towards the issue. The company is a mere example of such practices taking place. Therefore, it is necessary for them to take immediate steps to stop this act or else, it will further pose a huge threat to the environment of this area. With cameraperson Dnyaneshwar Mali, Monica Bhosale for NMTV News.

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