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Tiger wanted to play but after being hit by the crowd with a stone, tore apart the youth to pieces, New Delhi

Maqsood, the deceased who was been killed by a white tiger, Vijay, in the Delhi zoo has started the rounds of the blame game. Maqsood’s parents want justice as they say that the zoo and the security guards are at fault. However, the zoo authorities refuse to accept any accusations against them, stating that it was first Maqsood’s fault and then the crowd.

According to the clippings it was clear that for the first ten fifteen minutes the white tiger was just trying to play with Maqsood, it was waving its paw and licking him playfully. In fact after fifteen minutes, Vijay’s keeper Shyam had tried to call out to Vijay and as a matter of fact Vijay had turned away from Maqsood. But suddenly first the growing sound from the crowd and then second somebody from the crowd hit Vijay with a stone which suddenly made him extremely irritated and aggressive and his wild instincts made him tear Maqsood to pieces. What was even more shocking was that Vijay was born and brought up in the zoo itself and the skill to tear apart somebody is taught by their mothers who teach their cubs how to hunt and how to eat in the wild. But after this case it is clear that whether born in the zoo or born in the jungle the wild instincts is natural, and should never be challenged. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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