tilak-college-1Observing 1st December as the World AIDS Day, an awareness programme was held at Tilak Junior College at Vashi, named HOPE 2009. Students of the BMM department conducted the awareness programme. There are several misconceptions about the dreadful disease called AIDS. Even today many people are deprived of the understanding and care one need to show to the people who suffer from the disease. Therefore, to make students aware about the precautions that one need to take so that they can be saved from acquiring the disease, an awareness programme was held at Tilak Junior college, Vashi. Students presented various stage performances to make the public aware of the disease. A thematic display was also conducted through a dance, street play and a fashion show, in which the students carried posters and cardboards displaying the precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid the disease. We spoke to the principal of the college who gave more insight of the programme. We also spoke to Ivy Ganguly, the incharge of the BMM department. A student informed us the importance of such programmes. Also a documentary was screened that was made by the students of BMM department, named Three Aidiots. One of the students gave us more insight about the documentary. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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