taloga-midc-1The Taloja Manufacture Association held a protest a rasta rook protest against MIDC administration. The protestors allege that while MIDC collects taxes from them, it fails to provide the proper roads and amenities like water and power to them, reports Sudhir Sharma. There are 1200 plots in the Taloja Industrial belt where 1000 businesses are currently operating. This is the belt from which the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and the state receives crores of taxes but MIDC has failed to provide these tax payers any proper facilities. While their pleas fell on deaf ears, the Taloja Manufacture association has decided to take to streets with their demands. Some of the issues that they face is the deplorable condition of roads, encroachment on open land, no proper street lights and no proper transport facility for the workers. The repair work done of the Taloja Industrial Belt was of poor quality which can be seen today. An NMMT bus was started initially form CBD to provide transportation to the MIDC workers but that too was stopped after a few days. And its not just this but despite the approval of constructing an over bridge to cross the highway, the work is still incomplete. It may be recalled that plans of three truck terminus was also underway but it has been 10 years now and there is no sign of a terminus. While Taloja Manufacture Association blames all this on the negligence of MIDC, Deputy Engineer of MIDC does not think so. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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