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To acquire work permit in Kuwait, labours will have to go through a new sets of rule

Kuwait authority is all set to introduce new rule for all those who desires work permit in the country. The rule before: The work Permission were been issued by the Social Affairs and Interior Ministries inside Kuwait, before being sent to the labourer of the respective country. It was only after arriving, when their fingerprints were taken the officials would find most of them either using forged passport, or using travel documents with pictures of other people or for some reason they are not allowed in. This would further raise embarrassing situation for those authorities who would have issued these work permits.

After the new rule gets introduced, then the fingerprints will be taken in the concerned countries itself and only after been checked thoroughly with the central data system, work permit will be issued. The central data has a record of over half a million people who are not allowed in the country for security reasons or for breaking the law. This new rule will put a hold on terrorists also from entering the country using forged passports.

The new plan would include Arab and Asian countries and also Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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