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Top Headlines Of Major Developments In The World Of Social Media

The world of social media is dynamizing itself every second that it gets and while the process offers us new opportunities it does bring along handfuls of cons, here are the top headlines making rounds around the social media about the social media! 

Twitter Pledges To Fully Comply With New Indian Government Regulations, Despite Concerns About the Impacts on User Privacy & Free Speech : For sometime now, the Government of India has been at odds with the renowned social media giant, Twitter, accusing it of deliberately not complying with local laws. Twitter had maintained its stand and accused the police of “intimidation” and slamming new IT rules that alarms its peers and privacy campaigners. The standoff has now probably come to an end, for in a recent development, Twitter pledges to adhere to the New Indian Government Regulations on content removals and censorship, and protect it’s legal immunity after the Indian Government threatened that its lack of compliance meant it could be held legally liable for its user’s posts, though the concerns of impacts on user privacy and free speech are still left oblivious.

Clubhouse Establishes Exclusive Deal With TED To Expand Its Content Pool : Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real- time and while it lost all the buzz it had incurred initially during its launch the platform has now geared up in transforming its elements and features designed with an aim to surge its growth.

Clubhouse has announced that it’s partnering with TED to share exclusive content from TED’s roster of thought leaders and experts, which could help to keep users coming back to the app.

Snapchat Offers New Ads Certification Recognition through its own Snap Focus Education Platform : Snapchat is actually delivering a brand new method for social media marketers and experts to highlight and impart their Snap advertisements and expertise with an official certification now available through its own Snap Focus education and learning system.

As explained by Snapchat:

“This new certification, Snapchat Ads Manager Campaign Activation, offers the next level of learning with lessons on developing full-funnel media plans, gaining audience insights, and activating cross-channel measurements.  Complete the practice exercises to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and workflows needed to plan, build, and launch successful campaigns on Snapchat.”

The certification incorporates five key elements, each with its own overview and lesson plan:

  • Drive Full-Funnel Results with Snapchat
  • Win Bids in the Auction
  • Reach Your Audiences
  • Activate Cross-Channel Measurement
  • Launch a Split-Test Campaign

Instagram Testing ‘Limits’ Feature to Let You Restrict Abusive, Harassing Comments From Groups:
In a move to fight abuse and curb harassments on it’s platform, Instagram is rolling out a new feature to let users temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages they receive from groups of users. The feature called ‘Limits,’ the new addition by the Facebook-owned company is initially at a testing stage and is limited to some users. This is an extension of the Instagram feature allowing users to mute and restrict, abusive and harassing comments.

YouTube Adds New Channel Achievement Cards to Incentivize Creators Activity : YouTube is looking to provide another incentive for creators to reach channel milestones with new Achievement Cards that will be displayed within the YouTube Studio dashboard.

The new, emoji-based achievement notifications will show-up in YouTube Studio when channels reach certain levels, on various fronts.

As explained by YouTube:

“Creators will see these cards when they’re passing certain milestones, for example, around subscribers, views and watch time hours. The goal of this is to better recognize creators and their amazing work.”

It seems like a fairly light way to promote increased YouTube activity, but it could be just the encouragement that some creators need to keep going, particularly in the early days of building their channel, when it feels like they’re not getting much traction with their clips.

Facebook is testing ‘threads’ feature for post similar to Twitter : Just like Twitter, The platform is testing ‘threads’ feature that lets users create and connect a new post to a previous one on a related subject. The feature is currently being tested on some pages of public figures. It is reportedly still under development and will take some time for a stable rollout.



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