turbhe-21-sec-3Where on one side shop and apartment owners allege foul play by one local politician to erect towers, the residents of Sector 21, Turbhe have another story to relate. The housing scheme in the year 1979 at sector 21 Turbhe was floated by CIDCO for the lower income group. This might be the reason why CIDCO’s top brains failed to work much on the consequences on building homes on a low lying area. The result is that, every years residents face loss of money, property and peace due to water entering their homes upto 4 feet during the rains. For many of the poor apartment owners who live in a hand to mouth situation, doing any sort of repair or reconstruction work is impossible. Hence, only those who can afford have done the needed correction in construction. In the year 1992, several apartment owners reconstructed their apartments and till 2006, 140 out of 517 have followed suit. Each apartment owner has to shell out nearly Rs. 4 Lakhs for the reconstruction work, which is economically not viable for many residing here. Hence, when the towers culture hit Navi Mumbai, it supposedly came as a blessing in disguise for the apartment owners who gave in to the plan floated by a certain lobby and consented that their homes be demolished for erecting towers. But here, those who have converted residential premises into commercial premises are the ones creating a troubles, allege residents. They say that the commercial establishments owners fear obstacles and loss in business if towers come here. The apartment owners say that they formed the association to come on a united platform to fight for the only option they have to tackle the horrifying experiences they face during monsoon.

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