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Towers of Shame stand tall at sector 28 Nerul – A NMTV “Mission against Corruption” Initiative

If you are planning to purchase property in Sector 28, Nerul – beware. Looks like due to the corrupt nexus of NMMC’s Town Planning officials and builders – a scam is in the making in Nerul. Builders have done massive encroachment and violated FSI norms and GDCR rules to erect towers. There are 9 such towers. Since NMMC is not taking action against the violations, builders are making fraudulent brochures and selling flats to buyers. Details with our weekend expose.

The NMMC Town Planning Office is crossing all limits of corruption. One after the other, scams are being reported but the TPO officials fear no action whatsoever. However, the latest scam that is being reported will cheat scores of ignorant buyers of their hard earned money. With the aim of safeguarding the interest of such buyers who put their life savings in buying their dream homes and to ensure that the laws are equal for the rich and poor – we have launched a new initiative against 9 towers of shame in Sector 28, Nerul. These towers are :
• Tulsi Sagar, Plot No. 106 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Bhumi Elite Plot No. 27, 27A, 28B Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Ishwar Ecstasy Plot No. 23 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Sai Palm Plot No. 22A, 36 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Sadguru Platinum Plot No. 20, 21, 22 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Balaji Kalash Plot No. 28, 29 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Balaji Heights Plot No. 100, 101 Sector No. 28A Nerul
• Poonam Tower Plot No. 1, 2, 31 Sector No. 20 Nerul
According to the local NCP corporator, Ashok Gawde each of these towers have done FSI theft and grossly violated fire safety and other GDCR rules and norms, but the NMMC TPO is sleeping over these violations instead of taking action against the fraudulent builders who are selling property in these towers of shame to ignorant buyers.

The Town Planning Rules state that after giving CC, the officials of TPO should visit the site of the builder to check whether the construction is being done as per the CC but the TPO never does their job. The shocker is that the TPO is sitting quite even though they have been given names of the towers that have done FSI theft.

From mandatory parking facility to fire safety norms, builders have violated it all in the 9 towers of shame in Sector 28, Nerul. During the Standing Committee meeting, when Ashok Gawde raised the issue, the Additional Director of TPO, NMMC Sanjay Banait came out in support of the builders stating that they had done nothing illegal. However, Ashok Gawde had challenged Sanjay Banait alleging that Banait was blatantly lying to members in the Standing Committee. Recollecting his outburst, Ashok Gawde says that he had challenged Banait to resign as he was confident that the 9 towers of shame have grossly violated GDCR norms.

Looking at the apathy and corruption in NMMC, Ashok Gawde too admits that laws are different for the rich and different for the poor. He insists action should be taken against the 9 towers of shame immediately. Ashok Gawde says that builders who are fooling buyers, they should be black listed. Even Ashok Gawde voiced concern that a wrong precedent is being set by NMMC where in builders know that they can violate and get away by paying penalty later.

RTI activist Sandeep Thakur cites the example of Big Splash to explain the corrupt functioning of NMMC TPO and says that the building is running without Occupancy Certificate for 20 years. The RTI activist puts it directly – that the TPO is in the pocket of builders. The NMMC Town Planning Office has said that they need 15 days to study the violations done by the towers of shame in Sector 28, Nerul. When we visited the NMMC TPO to meet Sanjay Banait he was not available for comments. Now it remains to be seen whether NMMC will take action against the builders selling properties in illegal towers of shame after 15 days or will they continue to fool the public; just like they are doing in the case of the towers on Palm Beach Road, Inorbit Mall, Four Points Hotel and scores of illegal construction done by the influential and cash-rich builders of Navi Mumbai.

Even after Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s CID probe, Town Planning officials in NMMC are finding a middle way to regularize the illegal constructions done by the towers on Palm Beach Road. This has set a bad example and is encouraging more builders across the city to violating FSI, fire safety and other GDCR rules and norms. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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