PVC or polyvinyl chloride toys are banned in several countries in the world but not in India. Evidently then, when Toxics Link conducted a study in the Indian Market, it was found that the lead and cadmium content in toy samples cause long-term health problems if children chew them or suck them. We don’t very often ask, mostly due to ignorance. But creating awareness on this front is becoming vital. A detailed study on the impact of toys on children by Toxics Link – an environmental group has revealed that chewing or sucking of rubber toys made of PVC could cause long-term health problems, even memory loss in children. Explicating further the study says that PVC toys have high levels of lead and cadmium in PVC toys, which can cause itching and allergies, and if the exposure is sustained, can damage liver and kidneys. Most of these PVC toys are from China. Europe, Spain and Denmark have banned PVC toys but India is still to take the danger of such toys seriously. Lead, which is found more in toys in this city’s market affects the nervous and reproductive systems, and in children, can cause brain damage. Sellers however defend the sale of such toys. Bhupendra Himani – Proprietor of Arihant Toys at Vashi says that buyers are aware of the ill-effects of PVC toys and generally do not buy them, hence there isn’t much demand. He says this is the reason why they do not have much of PVC toys in their collection. Manufacturers on the other hand say that China has flooded wholesale markets, and are being circulated without any regulation.


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