diwali-saree-1Diwali brings happiness and cheerfulness along with it. People prepare themselves for the festival by making sweets and definitely shopping. The city markets are flooded with people shopping for various items which also includes purchasing of clothes. Like every time, this time too the clothes shops were seen crowded by women. Sarees and attractive dresses have always added that elegance to the beauty of a woman. And if it’s a festival like Diwali, sarees and dresses with artistic and ethnic designer wear is always available in the market. Keeping in mind the style of various states of our country, this year too availability of designer sarees in market have been successful in wooing the ladies. The Indian sarees are ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 50000 this season. The traditional Kanjivaram sarees are also available and ranges between rupees 2000 to rupees 7000. Relationship of women to sarees can very well compared to that of fragrance and flower. Without fragrance, beauty of flower is incomplete. Likewise for women festival is incomplete without saree. We spoke to some of the ladies about importance of sarees during Diwali. Apart from sarees, traditional Punjabi dresses and Lehenga Cholis are popular amongst the younger generation. Even young girls are not behind in deciding what outfit would wear during the festival. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Archana Ladhe for NMTV news.


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